General Knowledge Current Affairs Questions for Competitive Exam

General Knowledge and Current Affairs questions for competitive exam

GK Questions: General Knowledge and Current Affairs questions are very important for any competitive exam. Candidates are often seen taking the help of competition guides for the preparation of General Knowledge subject. But there is no fixed syllabus for this subject.

No one can predict when and where GK questions will be asked in any competitive exam. In this subject mostly questions are asked from history, economy, social system, national and international events, politics and science. Questions come from this topic right from the written test to the interview round. Let us know about some such interesting questions which are often asked in competitive exams.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs questions

Question 1- Who has been entrusted with the residuary powers in India?

Answer- To the center.

Question 2- Khajuraho festival takes place in the state?

Answer- Khajuraho festival is organized at the place of Kandariya Mahadev Temple of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh.

Question 3- Why do lawyers wear only black coat?

Answer- Black coat shows discipline and confidence.

Question 4- Who was the Sultan who called himself second Alexander?

Answer- Alauddin Khilji established a new religion and planned to be the world conqueror. Also gave himself the title of Alexander II.

Question- 5. When was the IAS exam held for the first time in India?

Answer- For the first time in India, the IAS (IAS) examination was held in the year 1950. The details of administrative services have been given in Articles 315 to 322 of the Constitution.

Question- 6. What is the name of the person who became the Vice President twice and the President once?

Answer- Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.

Question- 7. Which is the most widespread and most fertile type of soil in India?

Answer- Alluvial soil.

Question- 8. By what name is Yarlung Jangbo river known in India?

Answer- Brahmaputra.

Question- 9. Which article of the constitution has given the President the power to impose emergency?

Answer- Article 352, Article 356 and Article 360.

Question- 10. Who administers the oath to the Governor in India? Answer- Chief Justice of the High Court.


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