Boost Your Plant Knowledge with These 20 GK Questions and Answers

20 Fascinating GK Questions and Answers about Plants

Welcome to 99 General Knowledge. Plants are an essential part of our ecosystem or our environment which provide us with oxygen, food, and many important resources which human need to live a proper life.

It’s fascinating to explore the world of plants and understand their various characteristics and adaptations.

In this blog post, we present you with 20 intriguing general knowledge questions about plants with answers, all focused on the marvelous world of plants. So, let’s dive in and expand our plant knowledge!

Questions about Plants with Answers

Q. What is the process by which plants convert light energy into chemical energy?

Answer: Photosynthesis.

Q. Which part of the plant is responsible for absorbing water and minerals from the soil?

Answer: Roots.

Q. What is the primary pigment responsible for capturing sunlight in plants?

Answer: Chlorophyll.

Q. What is the world’s tallest tree species?

Answer: Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens).

Q. What is the largest flower in the world?

Answer: Rafflesia arnoldii.

Q. Name the process by which water vapor is released from the leaves of plants.

Answer: Transpiration.

Q. Which gas do plants release during photosynthesis?

Answer: Oxygen.

Q. What is the process by which pollen is transferred from the male part of a flower to the female part?

Answer: Pollination.

Q. Which plant hormone promotes cell elongation and is responsible for the plant’s growth towards light?

Answer: Auxin.

Q. What is the process of a plant bending or growing towards light called?

Answer: Phototropism.

Interesting Questions about Plants with Answers

Q. Which plant is known as the “Queen of the Night” due to its blooming at night?

Answer: Epiphyllum oxypetalum (Night-blooming cereus).

Q. Which plant is known for its ability to trap and digest insects?

Answer: Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula).

Q. What is the lifespan of the Agave plant, which blooms only once in its lifetime?

Answer: Several decades.

Q. Name the hormone responsible for regulating the opening and closing of stomata in leaves.

Answer: Abscisic acid (ABA).

Q. Which plant is commonly used to make tequila?

Answer: Blue agave (Agave tequilana).

Q. Which plant is considered a living fossil due to its resemblance to ancient tree species?

Answer: Ginkgo biloba.

Q. Which plant is known for its healing properties and is often used in skincare products?

Answer: Aloe vera.

Q. Name the plant family to which sunflowers belong.

Answer: Asteraceae.

Q. Which desert plant can survive for long periods without water?

Answer: Cacti.

Q. What is the phenomenon of plants shedding their leaves in response to seasonal changes?

Answer: Leaf abscission.

Conclusion: Exploring the world of plants and learning amazing questions and answers about plants can be an exciting and enriching journey.

From their astonishing adaptations to their vital role in sustaining life on Earth, plants never cease to amaze us. By answering these 20 general knowledge questions, you have enhanced your understanding of various aspects of plant life.

So, continue to be curious, observe nature’s wonders, and let your plant knowledge flourish!

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