Republic Day Quiz

Gantantra Diwas Quiz Competition on Republic Day 26 January 2023

Republic Day 2023: This year the whole country will celebrate its 74th Republic Day on 26 January. This is the day when India became fully independent and the country got its constitution. This special day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in every corner of the country and all the heroes who made the constitution are remembered. Republic Day is very important not only for the country but also for the examination. In every competitive exam, questions related to 26 January or Republic Day are asked. Come, through this quiz (Republic Day Quiz), let us know about some such questions which are very important for Republic Day.

Republic Day GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Question 1- Who was the first chief guest at the first Republic Day Parade of India in 1950?

President Sukarno

Question 2- How many times have representatives of the United Kingdom been invited to the Republic Day parade in India?


Question 3- Name the first person who was invited from Pakistan to India as the chief guest of the Republic Day parade?

Malik Ghulam Muhammad

Question 5- This year (2023) who will hoist the flag during the Republic Day celebrations at the national level in New Delhi?

Draupadi Murmu

Question 6- Which is the rights was described by Dr. Ambedkar as the heart and soul of the Constitution?

right to constitutional remedies

Question 7- Which ceremony marks the end of the Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi?

beating the retreat

Question 8- Which of the following book is the autobiography of Dr. Ambedkar?

Waiting for a Visa

Question 9- Who will be the chief guest during the Republic Day 2023 celebrations in New Delhi this year?

abdel fatah al-sisi

Question 10- On which date Constitution Day is celebrated in India?

26 November

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These are a Some MCQs on the Republic Day of India for quiz competitions in schools, colleges, or in offices for employees.

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