What is Nano Urea?

What is Nano Urea?

Nano Urea is a sustainable option for farmers for smart agriculture and combating climate change. It fulfills the nitrogen requirement of plants in the form of fertilizer. Because the particle size of nano urea is about 20-50 nano meters. This makes its surface area 10 thousand times more than that of granular urea. For this reason nano urea takes less time and is more effective than granular urea.

Why Nano Urea is useful

Nano Urea is the source of Nitrogen. Nitrogen is useful for the formation of carbohydrates, proteins in plants and for plant growth. Normally, the amount of nitrogen in a healthy plant ranges from 1.5 to 4 percent. In sprinkling method, urea falls on the root of the plants whereas in this, it will be sprayed directly on the leaves.

Spraying of Nano Urea on the leaves effectively fulfills the requirement of Nitrogen. Due to its nano particles, its absorption capacity has been found to be more than 80 percent, which is much higher than normal urea.


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