How does Chemical Coordination take place in Animals?

How does chemical coordination take place in animals? (How does chemical coordination take place in animals?)

General Knowledge Answer: Chemical coordination in animals Some chemical substances, which are called hormones, produce special chemicals from the endocrine glands in animals. These chemicals or hormones are used as a means of transmitting information to animals. Adrenaline hormone secreted from the adrenal gland is directly secreted into the blood and reaches different parts of the body.

Tissues have special properties that recognize and use the hormones they need, either externally or internally. These hormones show their specific effects by coordinating with the organs that perform the functions of specialization.

How is oxygen and carbon dioxide transported in humans?

how is oxygen and carbon dioxide transported in human beings class 10 solutions

Oxygen and carbon dioxide gas are transported in the human body with the help of hemoglobin present in the blood. Hemoglobin picks up oxygen from the air present in the alveoli of the lungs in the form of oxy-hemoglobin and passes through the left atrium of the heart to the left ventricle and from there the arteries diffuse the pure blood to different cells of the body.

Again, it transports the carbon dioxide gas generated as a result of the metabolic process to the lungs through the right atrium and ventricle during blood transport. Carbon dioxide gas is expelled from the body by the lungs.

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