What is Chat GPT?

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT: In this era of technology new things are coming out everyday. While using these makes it very easy for people to work, it also creates concern for already established companies. Now Chat GPT has put Google in worry. Most of the people would not even have heard the name of Chat GPT and many people are searching on Google to read about Chat GPT. Chat GPT is called Chat Generative Pretrend Transformer in English.

Purpose of Chat GPT invention

It has been created by Open Artificial Intelligence (Open AI). Chat GPT is a Chat Bot that understands the question you ask and prepares a detailed answer. The thing to understand is that it does not bring up search queries like Google. Google is a search engine and its uses are as old as we are. Users report that Chat GPT can be asked any question and provides an AI-generated response. This is the reason why Google is feeling some danger from this application of Microsoft.

When was Chat GPT launched?

Chat GPT was launched on 30 Nov 2022. Chat bots like GPT are powered by massive data and computing techniques to generate responses after combining words in a meaningful way. They not only use vocabulary and information, but also explain words in their proper context.

Other technology companies such as Google and Meta have developed their own language model tools, which answer the questions asked using such programs. Common people are using the interface developed by Open AI directly. As it is still a work in progress and it is also observed at some places that the replies are not satisfactory.

In which languages does GPT chat work?

Currently the chat is working in GPT English. But it will work on Hindi and other languages as well. It is seen that the number of Chat GPT users has reached around 2 million.

What is the full form of Chat GPT?

Chat Generative Pretrained Transformer

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